Hank Anderson


Intelligence 2
Wits 2
Resolve 4
Strength 2
Dexterity 2
Stamina 2
Presence 4
Manipulation 3
Composure 1

Crafts 1
Medicine 1
Occult 2
Athletics 1
Firearms 3 (Handguns)
Stealth 2
Weaponry 2
Intimidation 3 (torture)
Persuasion 4 (Seduction)
Socialize 2
Streetwise 3
Subterfuge 1

Obtenebration 1
Dominate 1
Auspex 1

Striking Looks 2
Haven 1
Language 1 (Japanese)
Ally 1 (Military)
Barfly 1

Hatred Japanese

Clan Weaknesses:
Sensitive to sunlight

BP: 1



Hank is your typical All American sweetheart. His face is plastered on those WWII posters urging people to buy War Bonds, or to enlist in the army. He’s had his share in fame as he embodied everything American; a pleasant looking farming boy ready to fight for his country in the name of freedom. To make an even better example, he was conscripted to fight. He was sent to Luzon, where in an ambush he and a few other members of his regiment were taken prisoner by the Japanese.

(The horror..the horror….. :P)

Confined to a very small bamboo cage and set to work making roads, Hank barely survived and watched his army friends fall like flies. Little did he know this was all just a horrible contest of survival of the fittest. He didn’t know he was chosen by a Japanese General (name unknown) who was a Lasombra vampire who was looking for a potential heir. As the unwilling winner of this contest, Hank had become a vampire.

Lessons were hard, but vital to survive. After a while, Hank learned successfully the rules of being a vampire. There was one problem though. Hank harbored a deep resentful hatred towards his sire. As the Amercians were advancing, he took advantage of an oncoming attack and managed to kill his hated sire. This was a dangerous and fatal move for Hank. The Lasombra vampires thought this was a horrible act; a usurper, a ‘wild child’ overthrowing his sire (as he was very well respected). A hunt was set for Hank…and still is….

Hence the move to Manila. Hank befriended Gabriel and decided the best place to hide was amongst a very large city filled with people. He currently lives in a shack, wearing army fatigues (he gets them from army surplus) but still has his old jacket (with identifying patches ripped off) – neighbors refer to him as “the really nice army guy who only goes out at night”, and he still carries his old trusty handgun (which still works). He’s had a smoking habit but since he can’t smoke anymore he just lights up a cigarette and puts it in his mouth for nostalgia sake. It calms him after moments of claustrophobia (those bamboo cages were pretty small) or moments of extreme paranoia (since the Lasombra have a price on his head, he’s known to trust very few).

Of course, he wonders what became of his family, especially of his younger brother Ryan (who was 16 at the time when he left).


With Gabriel, he’s the second biggest playa on the block. When he’s not around Gabriel he’s constantly looking over his shoulder in case there’s someone watching him. He’s polite to the ladies, civil with the gentlemen. The ladies love his vintage uniform, although he’s quite taken with a girl named Ella (lately she’s been giving his pride quite a knockdown), he pursues other ladies for “drinks”. His 40’s slang is endearing and his penchant for old swing music is hard to find in Manila much to his irritation.

Just one note; anyone of Japanese ancestry should stay away from Hank. He’s known to be a typical American bigot when it comes to them and isn’t afraid to voice his hatred, political correctness doesn’t exist in Hank’s code of ethics.


Buy War Bonds. Yep. Do it for your country, they’re defending you from those monstrous savage Japanese.

Hank now. All dressed up (Gabriel talked him into it because he’s tired of seeing Hank in the same uniform every day). Hank is actually starting to get comfortable with them. (Thanks Gabriel! har har)

Hank Anderson

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