Gabriel Roya


Clan: Toreador
Born 1917, Embraced 1949 (aged 32). Spanish father, Dutch mother.

         Born in Shanghai to a wealthy merchant family, Gabriel and his parents travelled Asia extensively due to their business dealings. He was expected to follow in his father’s footsteps, but Gabriel’s secret sexual desires led him in a different direction. Unable to express himself openly, he sought forbidden, underground avenues for his deviancies. In one of those many places, among those who shared his desires, he met his sire, Jules. Jules showed Gabriel a world where he could indulge in the forbidden without consequence. Over time, the two became the best of friends.
         It was 1949, the end of World War II. Jules thought it was about time to share a dark secret with Gabriel that would change him forever: The embrace. Life was difficult at first, but with Jules’ help, Gabriel adjusted. Years later, after much time spent wandering abroad, Gabriel came to Makati, Manila for a change of pace. He decided to settle down for awhile and have some fun doing what he loves while turning profits. His narcissisism drives him to go big, and he cornered the fetish market with his ambitious and enterprising venture: Gotham, Makati’s only high-end fetish club, bar, and nightclub combination. It has something for everyone, catering to every need and desire. The quality of his establishment and its staff is beyond compare and everyone from common people to the social elites frequent it. When it strikes his fancy, Gabriel comes to Gotham to ‘play’, and when the Master makes himself available, everyone clamors to book his time, especially those on the highest rung of society’s ladder.
         Rarely content with small endeavors, Gabriel is currently striving to become a Master of Elysium, under the tutelage of Catherine Yuchengko, the Invictus Prince.

         After the Embrace, Gabriel was no longer afraid of social constraints. He unleashed his true self and let it shine. Now a charismatic playboy, he hits on anything that walks. He indiscriminantly pursues anyone who strikes his fancy, woman or man. And try as they might, his alluring and mesmerizing nature make him all but impossible to resist.

RETAINER: Bruce Wayne

Yep. Of Batman fame. A charismatic and well-groomed man, Bruce is intelligent, composed and resolute. He is also physically fit and trained in combat. As Gotham’s manager, Bruce is a sharp businessman and skilled strategist. He oversees the everyday functions of the business so Gabriel can direct his attention to more amusing diversions.
A few years ago, Bruce struck Gabriel’s fancy and after some persistence, Bruce came to know and like him. Gabriel wanted Bruce to stay with him and he reciprocated, being ghouled by his own consent. Does Bruce want to become a vampire? Is Gabriel ready to become a sire? Only time will tell…

SIRE: Jules

Is ‘Jules’ short for ‘Julien’ or ‘Julia’? Androgynous-looking, stunning, and gorgeous, Jules is an experienced sexual predator. Is he a man? Is she a woman? Does it matter? Jules commands the admiration and attention of all who meet this captivating personality. Whoever Jules wants, Jules gets, and they love every minute of it.


Intelligence 3
Wits 2
Resolve 2
Strength 3
Dexterity 2
Stamina 1
Presence 3
Manipulation 3
Composure 3

Investigation 1
Politics 3 (Vampire Society)
Athletics 1
Brawl 1
Drive 1
Firearms 2
Weaponry 2
Empathy 3
Expression 2
Persuasion 3 (Seduction)
Socialize 2
Subterfuge 1 (Lies)

Majesty 3

Status (Cam)
Status (Invictus)
Mentor 4
Retainer 2
Resources 1
Striking Looks 2
Fame 1
MultiLingual 1

Prey Exclusion (Street People)

Clan Weaknesses:
Enthralled by: Human art (bondageish)

Blood Potency: 1


Gabriel Roya

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