Cristiano Reis


Cristiano Reis
Clan: Ventrue
Bloodline: Corojoso
Covenant: Carthian Movement
Company Owned: Reis Internationals
Born 1920, Embraced 1947(aged 27). Portuguese Decent.

Sire – Alvaro Benedicto Mendes, Portugese Corojoso. Born 1445. Turned in 1483.
Older Kin- Fredrico Dominingos da Rocha. Portugese Corojoso. Born 1832. Turned 1865.
Retainer – Ami Castillio


Born from in Portugal. Raised in a military family. Dad was in the Portuguese Navy, taught Crisiano about the military and sea. Went to University of Coimbra Majored in Economics and minored in Philosophy. After graduation, he found work at Mendes Trading Company. It was a good place for him to start with his knowledge of the sea from his dad and business from his university training. Started as a porter but quickly rose his way up the ranks. As Cristiano gained prestige, it piqued the interest of Alvaro.

Cristiano traveled to many ports while with the company. It wasn’t till he met Maria Fuertes that he decided to settle down in Macau. He was in love and no longer wished to travel, so he took a Management position at the Port of Macau for the Mendes Trading company. He no longer gained in prestige since Macau was a relatively small port. Although it had a short lived success being the only neutral port during WW2, it didn’t advance his career much. He chooses to stay to start a family with Maria.

When Cristiano was 27, while working night shift at the port, an accident occurred. While supervising the unloading of cargo, an explosion occurred on the boat. The blast did not kill Cristano since he was on the dock and not the boat but the explosion caused a piece of scrap metal to pierce his stomach. Alvaro happen to be in the back in the warehouse when this happened. He came out and noticed Cristiano bleeding to death from his wound. Alvaro offered him a chance to live, but he would need to leave his current life.

Cristiano accepted his deal. Unfortunately, this meant he can no longer see his wife, which was at the time pregnant. Alvaro faked Cristiano’s death stating that he died in the explosion.

Alvaro wanted an heir to his empire because he knows due to his old age that he would have to enter torpor soon. Originally he wanted Fredrico to take over, but has realized that he was not up for the task.

While under the tutorage of Alvaro, he learned of the ways of vampire society. He was able to help Alvaro expand his business buy making the suggestion to invest into the gambling business in Macau in 1963.

Although Cristiano was supposed to cut all ties to his family, he’s been secretly sending them support. Either in the form of winning a contest, scholarships, or etc… in one way or another he has been trying to help his wife and daughter when he can.

In 1972, Alvaro’s age as a vampire has finally caught up to him. It is getting difficult for him to feed as his blood potency is too high. So as he gets ready to enter torpor, he releases Cristiano from his care. He also hands him majority control of his company and wealth to him believing that when he rise from torpor, he may have a successful company to return to. Although Fredrico is the older childe, Alvero does not believe that Fredrico has the skills to expand his company. Since Fredrico is a loyal, submissive and lacks ambition, he does not challenge the ruling at all. He’s happy with crunching numbers and whatever is given to him.

Although Cristiano was given control of the company, Fredrico was given control his Sire’s personal estate and is put in charge with caring for his Alvaro’s torpored body. Alvero felt with Fredrico’s prudency and fierce loyalty that he would prove to be a better care taker.

In 1992 after the fall of the Soviet Union, Cristiano saw a potential business opportunity. Cristiano loaned some money from Alvero’s company to start his own business, Reis Industries. He bought many factories, vehicles, weapons and many other cold war technologies. At first his company started off as weapons and technology manufacturer. He was able to sell many of them off to growing nations, such as China. And also help arm conflicts in Eastern Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

After his own company started to boom, he returned any debts owed and promoted Fredrico to take care of Alvaro’s company.

Since then, his company has once again expanded into a Private Military Corporations and renamed his company to Reis International. He hired many former Spetnaz and KBG operative and provided many private contracts to anyone who needs it. He has also started up a Training and Research facility in the Philippines.

Currently, Military training, research and contract work are all done in the Philippines. Manufacturing are all still done in Russia.



Academics(Navy) 2
Occult 1
Politics 4


Athletics 1
Brawl 1
Drive 1
Firearms 1


Empathy 1
Intimidation(Demand) 3
Persusion 2
Socialize 1
Subterfuge(Lying) 3


Linagem 1


Retainer 4
Status(Camerilla) 1
Resources 5
Allies(Admiral Tsao) 1
Status(PMC) 1


Racist against Malkavian

Clan Weakness

Can only drink from people with glasses on.
While in the presence of 2 or more kindred, do not gain 10 again with resolve & composure roles(excluding activating disciplines) also -1 when using resolve as a resist trait.

Alvaro Benedicto Mendes

Started a large trading company in the 1465’s that primary traded was slaves till it was banned. The company also frequently traded with Asia from the port of Macau (a Portuguese trading post back then). Has two major headquarters, 1 in Portugal and 1 in Macau.
In 1962, due to Cristiano’s influence, he also started a network of casino’s in Macau’s gabling district. He is extremely rich and influential. Due to his old age, he was forced to enter torpor in 1972.

Fredrico Dominingos da Rocha

First person turned by Alvaro. Extremely Book smart and great with numbers. He was an excellent accountant and banker. Very prudent and loyal but lacks creativity and ambition. Alvaro thought he would have been a good addition since he was great with numbers and accounting. Alvaro hoped that he would one day take over the company and have it expand. Unfortunately, Fedrico lacks the motivation, ambition and outgoingness for any major expansions. He is very good at keeping a company profitable but is too prudent to take any risk that would have the company expand.

Ami Castillio

Ami is a brilliant business woman. She is smart and organized yet also sociable and good with words. She has the perfect combination of business intellect and social grace.

In University she excelled at Business, Economics and Organizational Behavior. After graduating, she interned at a telecommunications firm. She was the assistant to the VP of customer relations.

Cristiano met her at business meeting with the VP of customer relations. Ami was doing most of the organizing scheduling and was even involved with the talks. Cristiano was so impressed with her that he offered her a full time position at his company. Ami quickly learned the ways of Reis Internationals and rocketed to the position of CEO.

The bond between Ami and Cristiano was very strong as she sees Cristiano as a mentor. They frequently socialize, talk and trust secrets between each other. She has proven to be a trustworthy friend and someone nice to talk to.

Although Ami was a logical business oriented woman, she still had a bit of vanity in her. One day during one of their chat with each other, Ami admitted that she worries about her youthful appearance and how she will eventually get old and would lose it all. Cristiano offered her eternal youth if she is willing to take it. All she has to do was drink a little of his blood.

At first, she was hesitant, thinking that its absurd and that Cristiano was possibly crazy. Cristiano had enough trust in Ami to reveal his true nature. Naturally she was afraid at first, but trust him enough to know that she will not be harmed. Being the careful person she is, she rejected the offer at first. It took another 5 years before she made the decision attempt it. She never regretted the gift that was bestowed upon her.

Cristiano is proud at how Ami grew, and was impressed that she did not give in to any coercion and made the choice her self after thinking over it.

Cristiano Reis

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